Our Story

It all started when a crafter met an arborist.
We began a family and wanted only toys that would be unique and full of intention. A play thing that would offer a look-in to the world of nature, its offerings and magic.

What started as a creative challenge to make toys and gifts out of things we found in our backyard quickly became something that our children and friends enjoyed and requested more of.

Our children engaged in the things we created, often being the creative team that dreamed it all up. They would make requests for their imagined up world. Spend mornings in the shed with dad working timber they collected in the yard, asking what tree the piece fell from, matching nuts and leaves to the species. Come the afternoon, they would sort through my craft cupboards dreaming up additions and colours that would pair well with one another.

We realised it was a great way to educate through play, to connect our children to nature, to feel, smell and learn about the beauty there is in the world that we live in.

Our backyard finds turning into toys became a way to raise nature loving imaginations.